Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 2 and 4 hour trips. It includes activities like snorkeling, sightseeing, and a visit to the famous Islamorada Sandbar. Island Adventures ensures a hassle-free, enjoyable experience for all.

There are no specific age or skill restrictions for snorkeling with us. We have selected locations ideal for beginners and provide floats and life jackets for added safety and comfort. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned snorkeler, we ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Our boat tours are designed to fit your schedule with options of 2, or 4-hour trips. Each duration allows you to immerse in a unique adventure, ensuring a memorable experience on the waters of the Florida Keys.

The snorkeling sites we explore vary in depth, ranging from just a couple of feet to 20 feet deep on the reefs at high tide. This diversity in depth caters to different comfort levels and snorkeling experiences, ensuring an enjoyable underwater adventure for all.
Yes, the sandbar is quite safe for children as it is very shallow and features clean white sand. It’s a family-friendly spot that allows everyone to enjoy the waters safely.

In the winter it’s usually best to book an afternoon trip to give the sun a chance to ome out and so it’s warmer.  Any time of day in winter is fantastic.  Time of day usually doesn’t impact conditions, so warmth and sun is the primary consideration.

A deposit is required when booking and the remainder is paid on the card you book with after the trip, or you can pay in full.

In the months of September through January it’s best to book at least 24 hrs in advance.  The rest of the year is our busy season, and you should book as soon as possible, at least a month in advance to ensure you get the day you want as we get VERY busy.

Only 6 passengers are allowed per boat, so for 7 or more passengers additional boats are required.  See our large group information page for additional info and to book your tour for more than 6 passengers.  

In the winter a wet suit will help but is not required.  Never rent a wet suit, if you wish to use one purchase one for health purposes.

During excellent weather conditions we will travel to Alligator Lighthouse, Hen and Chickens Reef, or Cheeca Rocks.  On windy or rainy days we typically snorkel a rock wall bay side just off shore.  Water depth on the reefs is 8-20 feet, and the depth at the rock wall is 8-10 feet.

There is a cooler with ice on board and you can bring whatever you like to eat or drink.  Please consider the length of your trip and don’t over pack.  4 hours goes by quickly and we will be active, so tons of food is not necessary.

The pick up location is Safe Arbar Angler House Marina at mile marker 80.5 in Islamorada.

Our 2 hr trips are single activity, snorkel, sandbar or site seeing, our 4 hr trips are multi-activity and can include any combination of activities that time and weather permit.  A 4 hr trip typically involves some site seeing, a stop at a snorkel location based on weather conditions potentially Hen and Chickens Reef, Alligator Lighthouse, Cheeca Rocks, or a bay sie spot out of the wind.  Windy days can include a tour of Indian Key, and most 4 hour trips wrap up at the Islamorada Sandbar.  Sandbar Only trips are available per request.  You can also customize any of these activities.

On holiday weekends there can be as many as 300-400 boats and it is incredibly busy.  During offseason (September – January) it’s quite a bit more laai back with only 20-30 boats on the weekends and significantly less on the weekdays.  The busiest time of year is Feb – August and it picks up signficantly on the weekend, and weekdays it’s somewhat less busy.  For Memorial Day, Spring Break, Labor Day, Fourth of July, and Christmas Week through New Years Day, you can expect VERY large crowds.

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Full refund is granted if cancellation request is confirmed more than 48 hour in advance of the charter time by phone or text. Weather conditions to be determined the morning of the charter, with full refund if we cancel due to dangerous weather. Please understand the reason for our cancellation policy: Within 48 hours prior to your charter, we will not likely re-book the date you had chosen, your food/drink purchases have already been made, and we owe the captain/mate at least a portion of their lost wages. Thanks for your understanding. Cancel by phone/text at 305-394-1436

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