Islamarina is located Bay Side at 85920 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036.  If you are southbound, heading towards Key West the turn for parking is the first right turn at the bottom of the bridge before you go over Snake Creek.  If you are Northbound heading towards Key Largo it is the last left after you go over the bridge.  Please park on the gravel or in the grass past the Marina store.  They have asked that our guests not park in front of the store.

There are bathrooms inside. Arrive early and check out all that Islamarina has to offer in the way of  an amazing selection of snacks, clothing and souvenirs.  Make sure you go upstairs to see their boutique items.

Please be on time there is a lot of boat traffic and others are picking up as well.  We’ll be pulling in/docking within 5 minutes of our departure time and we have only 10 minutes at the dock and it takes that long to load the boat with gear and passengers.  Be aware the bridge on Snake Creek opens every hour on the hour and can heavily effect traffic, so you’ll probably want to leave early to ensure you are on time.


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